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Our Mission

Glen’s Garden Market exists to make climate change progress – one bite at a time – by serving Good Food from close by, and growing relationships with partners, who treat their land, their animals and their ingredients with respect.

At Glen’s Garden Market, we provide a selection of the very best foods our region has to offer, and we truly elevate the experience of shopping for groceries.

We seek out and develop relationships with small, local producers who are just starting out, as well as those at the top of their craft, who are creating Good Food close by. We grow their small businesses along with our own. To date, we’ve launched over 70 local food businesses, meaning we’ve given nearly six-dozen food entrepreneurs their very first chance to sell their products on our shelves. Of those, 40 are women-owned companies and 48 produce right here in the District!

Every decision we make for our business is made with the environment in mind. That includes, most impactfully, sourcing our products almost entirely from the states that surround ours. It also includes everything from the building and packaging materials we choose, to the equipment we use, to the fact that we purchase solar power credits to offset our energy consumption. It includes our no-waste mandate, our composting and recycling programs, and the fact that we actively encourage environmentally responsible eating and transportation.

Whether or not our Neighbors share our commitment to slowing climate change, we’ve created a space in which all food choices are good ones from an environmental perspective. And we’ve created a community in the process.

Our Values

At Glen’s Garden Market, we are committed to authentically living our values. They inform every decision we make and every action we take.

As a small, independent, mission-driven grocery, we will never offer the same product selection folks might find at our larger competitors. Instead, we choose to compete by offering a better experience than people will have anywhere else. The way we do that is by living our values in every interaction we have with our Neighbors, our producers, our community, and each other. The result is a culture that makes working at, and interacting with, Glen’s Garden Market uniquely positive and magnetic.

Our values differentiate and define the experience Neighbors have in our stores. They guide and empower us to live our mission in everything we do here, and they are essential to articulating and distinguishing our approach to service.

These are our values:

  1. We go out of our way to exceed expectations.
  2. We act with honesty and integrity, always.
  3. We are patient, accurate and respectful.
  4. We solve problems.
  5. If a mistake is made, we take responsibility and we make things right.
  6. We always follow up.
  7. We are flexible and innovative – we don’t always do what we always do.
  8. We grow small businesses along with our own.
  9. We prepare each other to succeed.
  10. The small things matter.
  11. We improve, constantly.

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