Our Impact

Glen’s Garden Market exists to make climate change progress – one bite at a time – by serving Good Food from close by, and growing relationships with partners, who treat their land, their animals and their ingredients with respect. More than what we do within our four walls, we invite you to be a part of the change and make an impact in your daily activities!

Our Sourcing Standards


The food on our shelves:

1. Is grown or created within the states of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed (DC, VA, MD, PA, DE, WV and NY) by partners who treat their land, their animals and their ingredients with respect.

We work hard to grow small businesses along with our own. Toward that end, we’ve launched dozens of local food businesses, giving those producers their very first chance to sell their products on our shelves. As a small business ourselves, we understand well the challenges of standing up a food business. Accordingly, we allow our small, local vendors a five-year, post-launch window to comply with the standards articulated below, and we work with and empower them to produce Good Food Close By.

When we source products that are important to rounding out our product mix, but which are not being grown or created within our Watershed, we specifically seek out items that meet our high standards of quality and environmental stewardship. We do not compete great, locally made products against non-indigenous national brands.

If products come from beyond the Watershed, but are domestically produced, we apply all of the standards articulated below. If they come from outside of the United States, they must meet all of our sustainability criteria, and we offset the transportation emissions incurred in their travels to our stores. Preference is granted to Fair Trade Certified products.

We have partnered with the Chesapeake Conservancy to invest in local projects to reduce the impacts of climate change and improve the vitality of the Chesapeake Bay. Those efforts are intended to offset the negative environmental impacts of bringing in a small set of mindfully sourced products from beyond our region.

2. Meets our high standards for taste and quality – as certified by our own Product Review Panel.

Our Product Review Panel is composed of longstanding members of our team, who we believe are best positioned to represent the needs and interests of our Neighbors. They consider taste, price point, packaging and narrative in their decision making process. Preference is granted to producers who respect seasonality and engage in efforts to promote resource conservation and mitigate the environmental impacts of production.

3. Was grown or produced using practices that minimize synthetic inputs including pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, artificial flavors, additives or preservatives.

4. Was produced by vendors who respect and invest in their workforce, and actively work to improve their communities.

5. Our meat is raised humanely, without the use of antibiotics or hormones. Livestock’s feed was vegetarian and animals had access to the outdoors. Preference is granted to farmers that work to conserve resources, protect biodiversity and promote animal welfare.

6. Our produce was grown using farming practices that conserve resources, protect biodiversity and actively promote ecological vitality.

7. Our fish and shellfish comes from well-managed, environmentally responsible fisheries and farms. Farmed finfish must be fed a vegetarian diet.

We reassess our partnerships with established producers annually to ensure they are continuously meeting our sourcing standards and operating in a way that is consistent with our values.

Our Neighbors

At Glen's, we call our customers Neighbors, because we are your neighborhood grocery store. These are the stories of what Glen's mean from some of our neighbors, new and old.

I love my friends at Glen’s.  Chelsea once stayed by the door after closing when she realized I had left my work bag with home keys inside at her register when I did my frantic last minute shopping before closing…  Talk about personal customer service.  

Congratulations on your anniversary!


Glen’s holiday catering is so amazingly tasty that it quickly became a staple of the season for us… to the point that we order it for late pickup if we’re out of town for the holiday itself! The easy preparation lets us focus on family and friends rather than fretting about cooking, which is hard to do under normal circumstances in a tiny apartment kitchen, let alone for holiday cooking.

This is but one example of how Glen’s has spoiled us with delicious food and quality groceries. We are in the Dupont store at least once a week to pick up our favorite items, drop off our compost, and say hello to the incredibly friendly staff. We love trying new products, and in addition to becoming better locavores, we will only purchase meat from Glen’s because our values align with their sourcing standards. We are so glad to have a neighborhood grocery store that has become an integral part in our lives!


We live on S Street, NW, just six houses down the alley from Glen’s Garden Market.  When the Safeway Townhouse grocery closed several years ago, we mourned its going.  What would I do when cooking and needed the elusive ingredient I had forgotten to check for before starting my recipe.  Many of our neighbors gathered and talked and worked with Mike Feldstein, the late, great ANC commissioner who lived in the Chateau Thierry.  You can just imagine the collective sigh of relief and the celebration that we all felt when we heard the news of Glen’s coming to the neighborhood.  My husband Larry and I stood outside with our noses pressed to the glass to watch the progress as the store was built.  We were doubly pleased to know meats would be smoked on premises and that local beers would be available on tap.  We did scratch our heads a bit at the watershed notion, but have come to appreciate that the real goal is to stock the store with foods that are grown, prepared and acquired through sustainable and fair trade methods.  We LOVE that.

Needless to say, Glen’s is now part of our neighborhood family and the fabric of our lives. Congratulations to Danielle and everyone at Glen’s on your three year anniversary.  May you have many, many more lucrative years here.

Lois and Larry

Stumped for healthy vegan food options near the Brightest Young Things office, I used to walk the 1.3 miles to Glen’s in Dupont all the time after work (thank goodness for the addition of the Shaw location!). I remember the first day I was there, at the cash register talking to Danielle, I couldn’t believe the owner was actually working the register, talking to all her customers,  even though she had all these other employees. Both locations are true community treasures. Cheers to four years Glen’s!


Glen’s is our go-to spot, for its delicious food and drink, its easy, family-friendly sense of community, and its commitment to sustainability. It’s not a stretch to say that we rented our current apartment for its proximity to Glen’s and let’s be real: sometimes we leave a tab open all day.

The Franklin Family

For us, Glen’s Garden Market in Dupont is so much more than just a neighborhood grocery store. It’s a cornerstone of our neighborhood—where we go to hang out with friends and neighbors, and meet new friends too! When we want a new recipe for a meat or vegetable we love, we know to ask Kurt or Will. When we want to try a new microbrew, Ezra, Morgan or Meghan are on hand behind the bar. Glen’s Garden Market’s care for the community extends beyond the customer service. It’s also about caring for our environment and respecting the workers that grow our foods. Whether the produce or meat is coming from the Chesapeake Bay—or from across the globe—we know that it is sustainably grown and humanely raised under safe conditions for workers.

Aaron and Rachna