Fall Menu: Progress One Bite at a Time

This weekend, we made some major changes to our menu. We did it for three reasons: to introduce more delicious options, to drive down prices, and to more closely align our menu with our Mission.

On the first point – we have developed several new, tasty sandwiches including the Just Beet It ($9.99), a dynamite pickled beet, chevre, butternut squash sandwich designed to celebrate the glorious winter squash that’s just coming into season; the Jamon Beurre ($8.99), which showcases the extraordinary, sustainably raised pork we source from Autumn Olive Farm, which we believe is truly the best of the best; and the Buf-faux- lo Hoagie ($8.99), a hot, delicious, satisfying take on the classic, using cauliflower instead of chicken along with locally made 8 Myles Pineapple Buffalo Sauce. These sandwiches are craveable AND they’re less expensive than any we’ve ever offered on our signature sandwich menu!

We’ve also reduced prices on all of our hand-made, sourdough crust pizzas and we brought back the half chicken dinner (half a roast chicken with two salads) at a new, crazy-low price point: $10.99!! And, perhaps the greatest news of all, we reduced the price of veggie-based deli combos, so now if our Neighbors choose a combination of all veggie-based salads, they’ll only pay $7.99/lb, which brings me to the third reason for all of the changes.

Glen’s Garden Market exists to make climate change progress by serving Good Food from Close By and growing relationships with producers who treat their land, their animals and their ingredients with respect. With every pint, with every pizza pie, with every sustainably sourced salad, with every jar of responsibly made jam…we’re creating opportunities to make progress, and we’re making the process of progress-making convenient, and delicious.

Every decision we make for our small business is made with the environment in mind. Our stores are powered by the sun. We don’t generate food waste. We only offer reusable bags, we compost – and invite our community to compost with us, for free. At a time when national policy progress has stalled, we’re offering an opportunity to make incremental climate change progress. It’s progress, one bite at a time.

The lower our prices, the more our Neighbors can make Glen’s a regular habit, and the more mindful progress we can make together.

We made one more big change: we removed roast beef and skirt steak from the deli. Never fear, that incredible beef from Roseda Farms is still on offer in our fresh meat case, but in an effort to put our money where our mouth is, we decided to make a conscious shift away from preparing as much energy-intensive beef as we had been. We are still preparing some responsibly raised beef in the form of our meatballs and our chili, but in both cases, we have reimagined the recipes with the environment in mind.

We hope you enjoy our new menu, and we welcome your thoughts on it. Please email us your feedback at: or Thank you!!


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  1. Kirsten Bourne 1 year ago / Reply

    These changes seem to be so thoroughly thought through, and we’re fully on board. Thanks for always communicating the “why”, Danielle!

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