To advance our mission of making climate change progress, we grow small, local, sustainable businesses along with our own.

By giving new, environmentally sustainable brands a spot on our shelves and helping them navigate the early stages of market entry, we are fostering a community of like-minded producers to displace demand for industrially produced food.

We create symbiotic partnerships with our launched brands to help them flourish. From providing placement on our shelves and amplification through our social media channels and in-store activations, to lending our expertise when it comes to all manner of early-stage quandaries (packaging, distribution, hiring, pitching the big guys, et cetera), we incubate and accelerate the folks working to advance the Good Food movement in our region.

It’s how we grow the tentacles of the Glen’s Movement beyond the four walls of our store!

We grow small businesses along with our own.

To date, we’ve given 90 food entrepreneurs their very first chance to sell their products on our shelves. Of those, 55 are owned by women and 20 are owned by people of color.

Here are a few of the businesses that were

Launched at Glen’s


As a mom of three with a full-time job, Margarita Womack experienced the challenge of finding high quality and convenient food options that she could prepare and serve on the go. 

To make it easier for working parents to choose nutritious food over fast food, and avoid the health challenges posed by a poor diet, she created M’Panadas. These high-protein, bite-sized snacks can be prepared in minutes, require no utensils and are filled with vegetables. 

Since hitting our shelves in 2018, M’Panadas has significantly expanded their food service line by establishing a presence at country clubs, hotels, event venues, bars, and more! The Gaylord National recently featured M’Panadas at their ICE event and all throughout the holiday season! You can find her variety of M’Panadas in the frozen food section of our store. 

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Cultured Kombucha

Despite the popularity of kombucha, Milan Durham felt that it was not embraced by minorities. To ensure that a diverse group of people could benefit from kombucha’s probiotics, she launched Cultured Kombucha. 

Her mission is to improve the overall health and wellness of lesser targeted populations through a brand that makes kombucha culturally relevant. 

Since launching this social impact business at Glen’s in 2018, Milan has targeted farmer’s markets that accept SNAP and EBT assistance dollars to make kombucha more accessible. She has also partnered with a local farm that helps city schools activate their greenspace with gardening programs!

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Samy Kobrosly couldn’t find a healthy snack that tasted as good as traditional junk food, so he created SNACKLINS. 

With a unique but familiar flavor profile, Snacklins is a compelling alternative to Doritos and their yuca and mushroom base allows for a guilt-free snack.

They’re also vegan, low in sodium, and only contain 80 calories per bag.  

Since launching at Glen’s, SNACKLINS has reached national distribution and has been recognized by The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and Women’s Health Magazine.

Samy even made an appearance on Shark Tank! 

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Stephanie Williams believes that snacks should be tasty, convenient and made from scratch, but she couldn’t find a brand that shared her values on the shelves at grocery stores. 

She launched Oh-Mazing specifically to transform granola into a nut-free and wheat-free snack that could serve as fuel for any adventure. 

Since launching at Glen’s, Oh-Mazing has received a Good Food Award in the snack category for their commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

They’ve also expanded throughout Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia and now sell their products online!  

Learn more about Oh-Mazing Food!

Element Shrub

When Charlie Berkinshaw’s pregnant wife started to crave a refreshing drink that had the complexity of a cocktail without the sugar and alcohol, he began exploring the concept of shrubs. 

He created several intriguing flavor combinations with this vinegar-based fruit syrup, which set the foundation for Element Shrub.  His wife approved of the non-GMO ingredients and the low sugar profile, and he thought others would, too! 

Since launching at Glen’s, Element Shrub has evolved into a versatile line of products that are unique, wholesome, and sustainably produced.

They were recently recognized with a second Good Food Award for their great taste and commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

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After graduating from college, Nikki realized that the artificial ingredients in the sports drinks that she relied on were hurting her more than helping her. 

In search of a beverage that could replace everything from gatorade to sugary cocktail mixers, kombucha and pedialyte, she discovered switchel. 

In 2018, after experimenting with different switchel-based recipes, she shifted her career path and launched Sunomi Switchel at Glen’s.

She is  now selling her prebiotic and electrolyte-packed beverages throughout Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia and New York!

Learn more about Sunomi!

Supreme Core

Supreme Core Cider was born out of Will and Kyle’s unsuccessful search for authentic cider that was unfiltered, all-natural, and made with apples from family-owned orchards.

They brought their vision of high-quality, craft ciders to life in 2017 when they launched their business at Glen’s! 

Supreme Core’s production and operations are located in a brewery-style taproom and event space near the National Arboretum. 

Their production capacity has rapidly expanded since their launch, and you can now find Supreme Core Cider at stores, bars, and restaurants in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

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Ice Cream Jubilee

Victoria began to merge her love for ice cream with her creativity in 2009 by inventing unique flavors in her kitchen while she was working as a government attorney in Washington, D.C.

Creating ice cream brought back the joyful memories she associated with it and inspired her to turn her passion into a career. 

In 2013, after many tasting sessions with friends and family, she finalized twelve unique flavors and launched Ice Cream Jubilee at Glen’s. Her business was voted People’s Choice for Best Ice Cream at the DC Scoop competition and she is now distributing her pints regionally in seven states!

She has also opened three ice cream stores in Washington, D.C. and Arlington, VA! 

Learn more about Ice Cream Jubilee!

Nomad Dumplings

When Karen Hoefener returned to the United States after living in China for three years, she began incorporating her favorite memories of eating and traveling abroad into her own recipes at home.

She created a variety of healthy, low-sodium and vegetarian dumplings, which she transformed into Nomad Dumplings! This fun and approachable brand shares our commitment to human health and environmental sustainability. Karen’s dumplings are locally made in Washington, D.C. with whole, clean, and thoughtfully sourced ingredients and they’re packaged in recyclable material.

Since launching at Glen’s, Nomad Dumplings has expanded to nearly a dozen stores across three states! Karen is currently working to make her dumplings even more accessible and environmentally responsible.

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