Everyday Enviro

Every Monday, our Founder broadcasts Everyday Enviro live from the Full Service Radio station at the LINE DC hotel in Adams Morgan. Each episode focuses on small behavioral changes we can make to reduce our personal carbon footprint – like repurposing food scraps, biking to work, composting at home, thrifting or choosing sustainably made clothes.

Check out the live broadcast on fullserviceradio.org at 1pm on Mondays or listen to the podcast here!

Listen to Everyday Enviro

Guest Speakers Include:

Bill Butcher

Founder of Port City Brewing Company

Sara Polon

Founder of Soupergirl

Phil Wong

Co-Founder of Misfit Foods

Bettina Stern

Co-Founder of Chaia Taco

Lotta Andonian

Founder of Eat Chic Chocolate

Keya Chatterjee

Author of Zero Footprint Baby