Glen’s Hats

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  • Posted November 25, 2017

Glen’s Hats


These legacy hats are fully adjustable and the perfect vintage fit. Both feature our mascot, Kevin the Chicken.

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22 Feb

AccelerateHERdc 2019

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Glen’s Garden Market is deeply committed to growing small, local, environmentally focused businesses along with our own. Since we opened six years ago, we have launched over 80 food businesses, giving them their very first chance to sell their products on our shelves. Of those companies, nearly 50 were founded by women, and just over

4 Oct

Staying Resilient

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As you may know, one of our core values at Glen’s Garden Market is that we grow small businesses along with our own. Another is that we’re resilient – a characteristic that’s positively critical to survival in small business. Over the course of the last five and a half years, we’ve given over 80 small,

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